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BPS Technologies

We are a leading edge technology solutions provider delivering state of the art mobile wireless-enabled data recording solutions. At BPS we work in partnership with clients to develop product concepts, identify market opportunities, prove the efficacy of our solutions and manage production under license. more


BPS were lead partner responsible for the "Focus of Attention Work Package" in the EU FP7-funded project Samurai cooperating with Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) from the United Kingdom.


BPS Technologies are an approved third party developer for Texas Instruments (Baltics). Extensive in-house expertise with OMAP35xx, C5509a processor and programming of MSP430's chipsets.  BPS has developed own OMAP35xx platform (BPS Ngine) now available for many applications requiring Lap top performance with hand held power levels.

BPS on the Texas Instruments Design Network. Learn more.


BPS Ninja on Wearable Technologies Innovation World Cup

BPS Ninja finalist in the Wearable Technologies Innovation World Cup.


BPS Technologies offer a wide variety of bespoke design services to suit your needs.


New Technical Spec

BPS Ngine - mobile OMAP platform
BPS Ngine - Technical Spec

Ninja - wearable hands free security audio visual recording system more

Ninja for Logistics - The BPS Ninja designed for Logistics Operators, high value goods manufacturers and insurers.

Our technology solutions deliver state of the art mobile wireless-enabled data recording solutions.



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